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Jatropha curcas



This species is usually known as:

Jatropha curcas


This species has also been known as:

Jatropha curcas var. rufa


Common names:

Barbados Nut, Purging Nut, Physic Nut, JCL



Trends (five databases) 1901-2013:
[Number of papers mentioning Jatropha curcas: 1896]



Popularity of Jatropha curcas over time
[Left-hand Plot: Plot of numbers of papers mentioning Jatropha curcas (histogram and left hand axis scale of left-hand plot) and line of best fit, 1901 to 2013 (equation and % variation accounted for in box); Right-hand Plot: Plot of a proportional micro index, derived from numbers of papers mentioning Jatropha curcas as a proportion (scaled by multiplying by one million) of the approximate total number of papers available in databases for that year (frequency polygon and left-hand axis scale of right-hand plot) and line of best fit, 1901 to 2013 (equation and % variation accounted for in box)] 

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[Total number of keywords included in the papers that mentioned this species: 13003]


biodiesel (686), Jatropha curcas (356), Transesterification (266), Jatropha (118), Internet resource (97), Biofuel (93), Biofuels (67), biomass (50), Optimization (49), Bioenergy (43), esterification (42), Jatropha oil (42), Fuel properties (38), Jatropha curcas L. (38), Lipase (37), phorbol esters (34), Physic nut (34), Emissions (33), Medicinal plants (33), Performance (32), Combustion (31), Microalgae (30), <ARROW Heterogeneous catalyst (28), Kinetics (28), Extraction (27), Oxidation stability (27), India (26), Methanol (26), Genetic diversity (25), Jatropha curcas oil (25), Response surface methodology (25), Renewable energy (24), Activated carbon (23), fatty acids (23), Palm oil (23), Sustainability (23), Vegetable oil (23), Antioxidants (22), China (22), Emission (22), oxidative stress (22), pyrolysis (22), RAPD (22), Ethnobotany (21), Free fatty acid (21), growth (21), Methanolysis (21), oil crops (21), Viscosity (21), Catalyst (20), energy crops (20), FAME (20), Toxicity (20), Diesel engine (19), ethanol (19), Jatropha curcas L (19), oilseeds (19), seed oils (19), Waste cooking oil (19), Fatty acid (18), Glycerol (18), Fatty acid composition (17), Feedstock (17), free fatty acids (17), Land use (17), Photosynthesis (17), Solid-state fermentation (17), Traditional medicine (17), Bioethanol (16), Biogas (16), energy (16), In situ transesterification (16), Methyl ester (16), seeds (16), Euphorbiaceae (15), genetic vaDOWN>riation (15), Micropropagation (15), Sustainable development (15), Ultrasound (15), Africa (14), antioxidant activity (14), Characterization (14), fatty acid methyl esters (14), GENE expression (14), Phytoremediation (14), Alternative fuels (13), Antioxidant (13), Antioxidant enzymes (13), Bio-diesel (13), Biorefinery (13), germplasm (13), LCA (13), Modeling (13), Oil content (13), Oxidative stability (13), Rancimat (13), Ricinus communis (13), Adsorption (12), Biodiesel production (12), cetane number (12)…..


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Most likely scope for crop use/product (%):
[Please note: When there are only a few papers mentioning a species, care should be taken with the interpretation of these crop use/product results; as well, a mention may relate to the use of a species, or the context in which it grows, rather than a product]


biofuel (97.13), nut (0.36), vegetable (0.33), timber (0.28), oilseed/fat (0.27), weed (0.24), ornamental (0.16), fruit (0.12), starch (0.08), hemiparasite (0.08)…..


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Recent mentions of this species in the literature:
[since 2012, with links to abstracts; The references from 1901-2013 which have been used for the trend, keyword and crop use/product analyses below, are listed below these references]


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